Without Gimmicks some simple tips to Weight loss.

There are full of gimmicks and magic pills of our industry for weight loss. The truth is that everyone already knows what it takes to weight loss. I was once told by my instructor that’s a secret isn’t something you don’t know but something that you don’t do.
So if you are fat and out of shape, it isn’t because of something you don’t know; it’s because of what you aren’t willing to do. Be honest with yourself, what is that you are willing to do? And what you aren’t willing to do? Are you won’t willing to push away the plate? Are you willing to stop eating sweets and other healthy foods? Are you not willing to exercise? Take responsibility and control of your health because only you can change yourself.
I don’t write this as some naturally skinny person but as someone who has been fat my entire life. I was wearing husky jeans in the 2nd grade and went through all the teasing that fat kids go through. I have heard every of my insult that has tried to my every diet.

Weight loss
The truth of the matter is that weight loss is simple. Note that I said simple and not easy. It’s not so easy practicing self-discipline or forcing yourself to workout.
I am of the belief that fat people like me, should think of their weight loss battle as a form of mental and emotional training because you are going to have to cultivate a strong mind and control your emotions to lose weight.
Some unhealthy food that you have loves it so much actually, causes addiction because it releases dopamine from the brain which is called hormone that gives you a sense of pleasure and well-being. So people have actually some food addictions.
Now let’s not use our food addictions and our brain’s natural desire for high glucose and fatty foods as an excuse. It is our job to overcome our greedy nature and cultivate self-control.
Here’s a little bit of truth, when you take on the duty of losing weight and begin to make good choices you automatically feel good about yourself. Finally when you start to eat healthy food you normally feel good about yourself. That is the positive side effect of living a healthy lifestyle.
Another thing that you must do it re-frames how you think about exercise and dieting. If you think about these things are totally torture then you will never be successful but if you think about it in a positive context; it will be easier.
So all of that you can see, weight loss is all mental. It requires that you think differently about exercise and diet. You also have to take full responsibility for your health.
This is your responsibility and duty to take care of your body. Realize that there are some benefits to doing the right things. Eating healthy and exercise feels good and gives you confidence. It is as if your body thanks you for doing the right method to weight loss and not feeding it junk food. Follow these tips and you will lose weight.

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